The Gift Only You Can Give

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” Lk. 12:48

Because you possess the unique love of your heart, and have received gifts and a mission particular to your life and vocation, you are the only one who can make a response.

We find ourselves in the gift of ourselves, which is to say, it is in giving my talents, time and very self, I become who I was created to be and experience the depth and fullness that God intended.

Mother Teresa was a woman whose loved reverberated through the cultures and continents because she lived the truth she spoke, “Everything that is not given is lost.”

If you find yourself eager to engage the pressing needs of the day, ready to take risks for the sake of that which is truly worthy, and brimming with a love to unleash –the family needs you; society needs you; the Church needs you, and awaits the gift only you can give.

Each applicant for the GIVEN Forum will include the submission of an Action Plan, a way of placing her gifts at the service of her home Diocese, work place or university. See more under ACTION PLAN.