GIVEN Audio and Visual Recordings

The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious hosted the GIVEN Forum June 7-12, 2016. This forum brought together 300 young Catholic women leaders from across the United States for a week-long immersion in faith formation, leadership training, and networking. The event featured inspiring talks by Catholic lay and religious leaders, now made available at the links posted below.

Be inspired by the words of women and men who have shared their unique gifts with the world and with all of those who attended the GIVEN Forum. These presentations from homilists, keynote speakers, power session panelists, training session presenters, and prayer workshop leaders have been made available so that you too may receive the gift of GIVEN.


To listen to and view audio and visual recordings, click the links below:



◦ Cardinal Wuerl Audio
◦ Archbishop Broglio Audio
◦ Father Fidelis Moscinski, C.F.R. Audio
◦ Father John Pietropaoli, LC Audio
◦ Father Roger Landry Audio
◦ Monsignor Charles Pope Audio


Keynote Addresses

◦ Casting the Vision – Sr. Mary Gabriel Devlin, S.V. Audio Video
◦ The Feminine Genius – Helen Alvaré Audio Video
◦ Your Gifts are For Others – Dr. Carolyn Woo Audio Video
◦ Receiving the Gift of the Kingdom – Dr. Mary Healy Audio Video
◦ At the Foot of the Cross – Dr. Amal Marogy Audio Video
◦ Finding Balance in Life – Erika Bachiochi Audio Video
◦ Theology of Woman – Sr. Mary Prudence Allen, R.S.M. Audio Video
◦ The Blessed Mother – Sr. Maria Theotókos Adams, S.S.V.M. Audio Video


Power Sessions

 The Feminine Genius Unleashed
     ◦ In the Church – Kim Daniels Audio Video
     ◦ In Political Advocacy – Anna Halpine Audio Video
     ◦ In Education – Sr. Amelia Hueller, O.P. Audio Video
 Living Motherhood
     ◦ Living Maternity towards the Vulnerable – Sr. Norma Pimentel, M.J. Audio Video
     ◦ Mothering a Domestic Church – Hallie Lord Audio Video
     ◦ The Emotional Power of Maternal Love – Dr. Margaret Laracy Audio Video
 Reclaiming the Gifts of God
     ◦ Beauty – Kara Eschbach Audio Video
     ◦ The Public Square – Gloria Purvis Audio Video
     ◦ With the Environment – Sr. Damien Marie Savino, F.S.E. Audio Video
     ◦ With Economic Issues – Dr. Catherine Pakaluk Audio Video
     ◦ With the Suffering of Others – Dr. Elvira Parravicini Audio Video


Prayer Sessions

◦ Discernment of Spirits – Sr. Mary Elizabeth Albers, S.O.L.T. Audio
◦ Ignatian Prayer – Sr. Marsaia Kaster, O.S.F. Audio
◦ Intercessory Prayer – Sr. Grace Marie Heinrich, S.C.T.J.M. Audio

Training Sessions

◦ The Temperament God Gave You – Laraine Bennett Audio Video
◦ Navigating the Maze – Luanne Zurlo Audio Video



◦ Audrey Assad Audio Video


Action Plan

◦ Sr. Bethany Madonna Burwell, S.V. Audio Video


Closing Remarks

◦ Mother Agnes Mary Donovan, S.V. Audio Video

About our Sponsors

The CMSWR graciously thanks the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, GHR Foundation and The Catholic University of America, sponsors of the Forum, for their support of women religious and young Catholic female leaders in the United States.