< 2020 GIVEN Forum

The GIVEN Institute welcomes young adult Catholic women to apply for the 2020 Forum who:

  • Will be 21 to 30 years old by June 10, 2020 and at least a rising college senior;
  • Are practicing the Catholic faith, having received the sacraments of initiation, or are currently preparing to enter the Church by attending RCIA;
  • Are seeking mentorship, faith formation, and leadership development;
  • Are intentional about using their gifts to pursue the vocation and/or profession to which they are called.

Application Process

  • Create an Account. It takes only a few seconds! Start here. Check your email, and follow the link to the Application Portal.

  • Download and Complete Application. The application is a PDF form that includes your basic information, interests, short answer questions, an essay, and your Action Plan proposal. Once completed, this PDF will be uploaded to the Application Portal. Application is free. The cost to attend the Forum is $550. A limited number of scholarships are available.

  • Update Your Resume. We want to learn more about your educational background, work experience, and involvement in community service and leadership roles. Your resume will be uploaded to the Application Portal.

  • Letters of Recommendation. Please have two letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf, as follows:

    1. Professional (Employer/Professor)
    2. Mentor (Priest/Religious Sister/Campus Minister/Spiritual Director)

    These letters of recommendation will be submitted through an online form found in the Application Portal.