Action Plan

What makes the GIVEN Forum stand out?

The Action Plan

Helpful clarification for those in application:

  • Your Action Plan can be formed from any current apostolic / mission driven service or interest of yours, or can be a totally new initiative. It is about your gifts being given.
  • It is understood that your Action Plan will not be in complete form on the application but will develop and come into focus over the next several months. It doesn’t need to be perfect.
  • Your application should include the concept of your Action Plan and basic, though concrete steps for implementation.
  • You may choose to plan and implement your Action Plan in conjunction with other attendees.
  • All Action Plans will be implemented in the months following the Forum, and completed by April, 2017.

Imagine the impact of 300 young Catholic women returning to their home diocese, workplace or university motivated to use the insights and tools acquired during the GIVEN Forum to unleash the gifts of the feminine genius in the Church and in the world!

Each young women who attends GIVEN will be encouraged in her gifts and in leadership skills, and will put these gifts to use by formulating, strategizing and preparing her proposed Action Plan to be implemented within her home community in the months following GIVEN.

The Action Plan will be different for each participant. Think BIG, dream big, pray deeply, take note of your own desires and capacities and begin molding your vision of an Action Plan that will be a gift of yourself that keeps on giving!

Whether it’s…

      • a systematic program to initiate educating and/or mentoring younger girls in your community;
      • an annual Musicfest that proclaims the Culture of God’s Kingdom while showcasing the talents of those in your area;
      • a new charitable effort that opens the hearts and eyes of your friends and community to those on the margins;
      • establishing a Catholic Young Adult or professional group for mutual encouragement, formation and friendship;
      • organizing a fund-raiser for a family or organization in need;
      • or a YouTube or Vimeo series on the wonders of being a vital Catholic woman in love with the Lord and the Church…

…the possibilities are endless!

Begin now to form your ideas. Create a proposal and search for those in your life or near your life who might be able to support you in the implementation and promotion of your Action Plan – a Diocesan Young Adult Office, Parish community, University community, Catholic blogs, existing groups.

A major part of the application process for the GIVEN Forum will be the proposal of an Action Plan. It will be implemented between June 12, 2016 and April 2017.