2016 Featured Action Plans

Danielle Bean and Katrina Even

Given – KC

This action plan was an extension of the original given forum. We worked together to create a small local version of the Given conference. Our vision was to bring some of the same information with the same vision as the original conference and share it with more young catholic women. We targeted women ages 18-35.





Casey Bustamante

Military Catholic Young Adult Conference

Vision: Enhance the lifelong faith journey of young Catholics in the US military through a biennial archdiocesan young adult leadership conference.
Target Demographic: The target demographic is young adults (18-24 years old), both active duty members and their spouses.



Mary Catherine Damon

No Greater Love Music and Arts Festival

– Directed a music and arts festival to raise awareness about the Servants of God of La Florida and to offer humanitarian relief to Christians in the Middle East through the Knights of Columbus’ Christians at Risk fund.
– Highlighted those who offered their lives as a witness for the faith in our land and those offering their lives as a witness for the faith in our time.
– The day included: living history with reenactors of the lives of the Servants of God of La Florida, live music, documentary screening of “Our Last Stand”, food trucks, vendors, Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, Mass with Bishop Estévez, outdoor evening conferences by Dr. Mary Soha, Blake Britton, Andrew Walther, and Kathryn Jean Lopez, with performances by Colleen Nixon and Audrey Assad.
– Located at the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche: the site of up to 7 martyrdoms of the Florida Martyrs, the first mass in the USA, and the first marian devotion of the USA.





Kelsey Eddy


Fiat: A High School Girls’ Discernment Retreat

I coordinated and hosted the first ever Diocesan women’s discernment retreat for high school girls. I was able to connect with our Vocations Director and work through the Office of Vocations in the Diocese. My vision was to offer a retreat introducing high school girls to vocational discernment, giving them tools to discern the will of God and also inspiration to better understand their vocation and call as women in the Church. The retreat was focused through a Marian lens, and the talks framed three aspect of Mary’s (and female) identity — Daughter of the Father, Spouse of the Spirit, Mother of the Son. We had talks, prayer sessions, daily Mass throughout the weekend, Confession available, Eucharistic Adoration, times of recreation, and a Marian procession on Saturday night. The retreat culminated with a Q&A panel.




Melissa Guarino

Archdiocesan Date Night

I will be hosting a date night for dating, engaged or married couples. We will have food and music as any good date usually does. Then I will give a psychoeducational presentation on a book called Love and Respect talking about couple patterns, communication, and interactions all being rooted in the Bible. Each couple will leave with a copy of the book at the end of the night.







Celisa Gutierrez

Immaculate Mary: The Lourdes Project 
A Collection of Marian Chants and Hymns For Cello and Harp

I am recording an album of sacred Marian music on the harp and cello. My vision is for this music to reach anyone wanting to supplement their contemplative prayer, meditation, or healing with Mary’s beauty and simplicity through music. This music can also be used in Catholic hospice.






Cecilia Kohlrust

Saints in the Family

Saints in the Family is a program to coach parents in forming disciples of Jesus Christ in their children (with a focus on teenage children).

By meeting four times a year (twice with parents alone, twice with parents and teens), parents will be supported in their work of encouraging and growing the faith of their children.




Timmerie Millington

Real Feminism

We live in a time when the distinction between the sexes has been blurred and often in the name of women’s rights. Real Feminism is a short book addressing feminism and hot button sexual ethics. Gender ideology and a modern feminist mindset has left youth, men, and women caught in the midst of what is expected to be a sympathetic mindset rather than one that helps a woman on her journey of self understanding.

This short book answers the call of Pope Saint John Paull II for a new feminism embracing the dignity of woman in a modern and tangible way for Catholics and non Catholics alike. Through an anthropological and theological approach I hope to provoke a deeper concern for modern issues of sexuality and feminism. It is also my hope that it is used as a tool for people to invite their peers to a feminism they can understand and adopt. We live in a time of crisis where not only the young but well intended adults are bewildered both mentally and emotionally by destructive gender and feminist ideologies.

Real Feminism Poster

Life Choices Booklet

Mary Burns Mueller

Prayer Warriors for the renewal of Consecrated Life in Milwaukee

The goal of this action plan is to pray and fast for the renewal of consecrated life in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Milwaukee used to be the seedbed of women’s religious, but now there is not a single habited religious sister in the diocese. It is incredibly difficult to encourage religious vocations to an entire generation of women who have never seen a habit in their lives. We are aiming to bring together priests and lay people, including families, to pray for the renewal of women’s religious. The aim is both to pray for women to respond to the call but also to pray for the presence of religious sisters in this archdiocese at some point. We are a wounded archdiocese, and the only way we can truly heal is to have the fullness of the body of Christ represented here, and the presence of women’s religious will be incredibly healing and fruitful.



Emily Savage

Fiat Discernment Retreat

The Fiat Discernment Retreat is an opportunity for young ladies to discern their vocation while meeting different religious sisters and other young women their age who are discerning. The retreat can be used at the parish or he diocesan level for young ladies 17-26 years old. This retreat seeks to provide tools and encouragement for each young lady to be empowered to say YES to Jesus and His will for their lives.



Cynthia Solis

Mujer, Dios te creo para algo grande

“ Mujer, Dios te creo para algo Grande” which translates to : women, God created you for something Big. “since you are precious in my sight, and important”-Isaiah 43:4. Is a one day event hosted for all Hispanic women ages 18 and older. This event invites women to participate in engaging talks that are a support for a Machismo culture. The event is meant to inspire and awaken the interior beauty found in every women’s soul and recognize the gift they are and encourage them to become the women God created them to be. The day starts with praise and worship, prayer, two main talks, and ends with adoration.